Thank you Speed Project & Undo Ordinary. You reminded me again to follow my heart and go out and do the things that make me happy, no matter what people might think. 

Two months ago I couldn’t even run for 3 miles straight and was afraid to go out running alone due to my burnout. Yes, I have a burn-out. I never spoke of this on my blog before. I needed to deal with this myself first, sharing was definitely not a priority. I feel better but I still have a long way to go, and that’s fine. This experience turned out te be exactly what I needed. I found myself in the desert and I like her.

When I was asked to participate in the UNDO team just 4 weeks ago I almost said no because of my situation. I was very honest about it and was told not to worry. ‘This team is not in it for the speed but we’re aiming to shine a light on the female experience around women in street sports‘. There and then it hit me. I AM A RUNNER. Not because I can post on Instagram how many miles I just ran, or how fast I ran. No, I run because it makes me fucking happy. So I decided to listen to my runner’s heart instead of my ratio and booked the tickets with the faith of my passion, persistence, determination and dedication. It just felt this was something I needed to do to get better, to be happy and feel strong again, both emotionally and physically. Boy was my heart right. This experience made me feel so much stronger already and brought back my love for running. Shout out to our amazing crew who empowered us to show the world how strong we are, not only by being fucking bad ass running through the desert with almost no sleep, but especially by allowing us to be vulnerable, with all our emotions, so we could truly support each other every single step of the way. Now that’s female empowerment. So thank you, my eternal running heart and everyone on our epic UNDO team. This experience will always have a special place in my heart to remind me that impossible truly is nothing, as long as it makes me f**** happy 🖤.

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